Aida’s calm birth of her 7th baby

Aida had an unassisted homebirth with her 6th child. I met her during her 7th pregnancy. She and her husband were not sure what birth they wanted for their 7th, but through the course of the HypnoBirthing classes they decided that they would birth in hospital for their 7th. Aida had alot of anxiety about hospitals as was evident during class sessions when she would recall trauma of her first 5 births. Alhamdulillah she was able to overcome the trauma of hospital and birth her 7th baby calmly and without fear 🙂


My baby Zahrah had a way of announcing her arrival. On Wednesday morning, I had some bloody mucus. Mild & irregular contractions felt. Throughout the day, mild contractions come & go.

The next day, more mucus & more contractions felt. Scared by random tales of multigravida failing to reach the hospital in time for birth, I complied to Dee’s request to go for a check-up.

Upon arriving at Pantai Cheras, I was greeted by wonderful nurses. Dee talked me into agreeing to a VE. Thankfully the nurse attending me was sensitive & supportive – so obliging was easy.

We found out that I was 5 cm dilated & was adviced to stay although no regular contractions were present.

We spent the time listening to Hypnobirthing scripts, enjoying each other’s company & mostly sleep – thinking that we will need the energy for labour later in the night. But night came and passed without any event.

At 4 am, my amniotic fluid leaked and more mucous manifest. Albeit the excitement, there was still no regular contractions. Initially I was keen on giving birth that morning but my urge to deliver was quickly vanquished as I discovered unfriendly nurses staffed the night shift. We told Zahrah to wait until the two nurses leave

Our days at the hospital passed slowly – humdrum & boring. I was starting to get homesick.

My tears flowed at the thoughts of my kids & I was really uncomfortable staying at the hospital. Rest and peace was elusive. This wasn’t exactly an oasis or sanctuary. People come in and out of our room with little respect for our privacy.

Then morning shift brought fresh team of nurses. The head nurse was very friendly & comforting. She’s on shift till 9 pm. After that, the two scary & unfriendly nurses will return. That made me decide to deliver before the night shift comes, safe from the vigil of the two garang nurses.

Yet hospital policy was accommodating & the staff had not even suggested any intervention namely artificial membrane rupture, oxytocin or even membrane sweep to induce labour. They did advice me to take intravenous antibiotic if I still haven’t given birth after 18 hours of my leak. Again I told Zahrah she just have to come before night falls to avoid the garang nurses & the antibiotics.

At 4 pm, my contractions were stronger. But they were still 7 mins apart. Had the CTG & was told to take a walk because I was still not in active labour. At 6 pm I tried to eat my dinner but my appetite was non existent & I was feeling too uncomfortable.

Taking off my pantist & bra, I head to the labour room alone. Leaving Dee still picking up the things we will need during labour. Never mind my contractions were 7 mins apart; I felt my baby was coming very soon.

Once in the labour room, the nurse timed my contractions and they were still 7 mins apart. They were unconvinced that I was going to give birth soon.

Previously I had made it clear that I only want ONE nurse during my labour. I told that nurse that I want to give birth on the floor to which she quickly decline. I argued that I already told her that earlier & she said yes. She reiterated that what she meant was patients can go through active labour on the floor in any position but the pushing stage must be done on the bed.

I said nothing more & dropped on my knees. I rested my hands on a chair. The nurse was coaxing me to get on the bed to have a VE. She needs to know whether it’s time to call the doctor.

The nurse’s request and plea for me to climb the bed received no respond from me. I was so focused on my breathing that I can’t answer her. Out of politeness, Dee answered on my behalf something like, “I’m sorry. She is so focused on her breathing. She will get on the bed when her surge subsides”.

I was in a modified leaping frog position with my hands resting on a chair. My legs trembled under me as I negotiated the surge. Dee lightly massaged my back & they felt so heavenly. He did try to support me from behind by holding me under my arms but his good intentions were met by fierce stare from me. Mothers in labour aren’t exactly polite & graceful beings.

Dee was awesome. Reminding me to breathe & stay limp. First time in 7 deliveries, I noticed the rhythm of labour. I was doing calm breathing & deep breathing & later birth breathing in rhythm.

I heard the nurse said it’s dangerous & my baby might sustain injuries in that position. I calmly took a blanket nearby and placed it between my legs.

The nurse was still patiently standing beside me – hands in glove hoping to perform VE – when I suddenly vocalized. It sent the nurses (that one nurse was caught by surprise & had to pull her friend to help) in a frenzy of — I don’t know what — I briefly saw them flying around the room, opening cupboards & unfolding things

And Zahrah came out covered with vernix, drenched in our eager anticipation to see her. A kind nurse received her as she gracefully slide out of me. I held her to my chest as I called her name multiple times. Zahrah, only seconds-old latch onto my breast briefly.

The umbilical cord was rather short so it was hard to navigate her. Had to quickly cut her chord but we did wait for it to cease pulsating. Her delivery was harder & longer than my previous child (a homebirth) but I was just happy to have her.

Dee held her under the warmer after reciting the azan & Iqamah. He also perform tahnik with dates.

After recuperating for more than an hour in the labour room, we retired to our room feeling tired but ecstatic.

On the way out of the labour room, I thanked & apologized profusely to the nurses for being adamant with my ways. They were receptive, warm & motherly. We exchanged words of love & gratitude.

HypnoBirthing gave a new dimension to the birthing process. Although I have to confess that I hadn’t really mastered the relaxation techniques taught in Hypnobirthing class & that Deepening was very much alien to me & that I didn’t religiously listen to the Rainbow Relaxation audio daily – but the breathing technique gave me complete control and awareness of the whole process.

Praises be to Allah the Cherisher and Sustainer of Life. Jazakillahu khair Nadine for sharing HypnoBirthing with us..

Hi, I'm Nadine

A self-confessed birth junkie, I love all things birth and breastfeeding… I’m so lucky to be able to work with expectant families and share this very special time in their lives with them :) I am also a Life Coach helping mothers overcome burnout and overwhelm.

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