Anis’ fast Hypno-VBAC with her second baby

My successful VBAC story (EDD 3/10)
28 Sept
Surge started to show a regular pattern – after maghrib surge came every 15 mins but still bearable. I kept doing deep breathing during each surge. Had my “rainbow relaxation” turned on before going to sleep and alhamdulillah had a good sleep despite waking up everytime each surge for deep breathing!

29 Sept
Had a last check up with doctor in the afternoon. Strong surge shown on the ctg machine –  already 10mins apart. First vaginal exam performed, remarks made were cervix already softened a bit and 2cm dilated but my perineum still tight and she advising me to work on the massage regularly and give more pressure (she knows i’m a bit lazy on this one). And need to do more squats & intercourse. We continued our day with birthday celebration for Atuk kg pandan and decided to leave early as surge getting more intense every 5mins.
At first we both felt the baby will come out after a day or two so my husband went to sleep. Around 11pm, surges started to came every 3 minutes and getting more intense. Texted my doctor and she asked me to wait for the blood show. Teringat pesan Nadine on the vital sign of labour is the intensity of the surge, so i followed my instinct and went to the hospital right away.

30 Sept
Arrived at the hospital around 2am and vaginal exam was performed and I was only 4 cm dilated. Masuk bilik husband terus setting bilik gelap wangi susun everything nicely and he went to sleep. I couldn’t sleep at all and just sat on my gym ball. Around 4am I had the first mucus+blood discharge, nurse came and checked opening was 6cm. Then came the BEST (hard) part. I never thought the surges would get more intense like I got tons of big rocks on my lower back ..sakitnye ya ampun. Dah tak senang duduk dah time ni mengerang kesakitan. Around 6am after subuh I tried hot shower to relieve the pain. Husband continuously showered my back together with a light massage. Surges were gone for a while but when it came back, it surely attacked like tsunami. And the gap only like few seconds apart. Dah rasa macam body nak bertukar jadi wolf dah time ni. We spent almost 1 hour in the shower and fresh blood already started to come out. Called the nurse and I’m already 9cm dilated!! The urge to push started and my waters released. Memang dah tak tahan sangat time ni. I could feel baby was ready to come out.

I was sent to the labour room immediately and doctor was still on her way to the hospital. Nurse and husband kept reminding me to breathe and don’t push. I was like “Macam mane nak tahan baby nak keluar sgt ni!”. I was kneeling on the bed waiting for the doctor. When doctor arrived she reminded me to breathe the baby out and relax and open my jaw, within a few seconds baby slid out like a champion at 7.42 am! Direct skin to skin and delayed cord clamping. They left us in the labour room and I started to breastfeed baby.

I will never forget this moment when me and husband were laughing and talking about what just happened while baby was breastfeeding calmly. A few minutes later with another surge, placenta came out naturally. After almost 1 hour, doctor came back to check my condition and my husband had the chance to cut the cord. No stitches required as only minor outer skin tear! Despite being sleepless throughout the day & night, I was full of energy and couldn’t believe I got to experience the birth I wanted!! Alhamdulillah I am so grateful that everything went well for me and my baby.

Things I did to prepare myself physically and mentally for this pregnancy:
1) get as much as possible knowledge/ stories on gentle birth (fb/books/class) – this definitely will give the confidence you need for a smooth pregnancy & delivery
2) regular prenatal yoga starting in 2nd trimester, this includes squats (10mins each day pon ok)
3) polar bear position before sleep starting 3rd trimester – my fave😊
4) perineum massage starting 35 wks
5) drink raspberry leaf tea everyday starting 35wks
6) doing rebozo, forward leaning inversion, sidelying release starting 35 wks – for optimal baby position (check FB spinningbabies for details)

Most of the tips and positive vibes I got are from the FB Gentle Birthing Group and Nadine’s classes which contribute to this smooth journey. And of course with supportive husband, doctor and her team. Most importantly, being an informed mother !!
I’m quite a petite mother (shoe size 3 or sometimes 2) so I hope this birth story has proven that body size doesn’t stop u to get a successful vbac with no episiotomy and no stitches!
Syukur Alhamdulillah He is the one and only whom made this possible for me ☺️

Hi, I'm Nadine

A self-confessed birth junkie, I love all things birth and breastfeeding… I’m so lucky to be able to work with expectant families and share this very special time in their lives with them :) I am also a Life Coach helping mothers overcome burnout and overwhelm.

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