Lity’s fast & furious second birth in Kota Kinabalu

My birth story..

Went for a short vacation to Poring hot spring,Ranau.I was 40 weeks 5 days pregnant and don’t have any sign of giving birth.The place we went was about 2hrs journey uphill.
On the way back,my husband bought some durian and we had durian galore at home hahaha..

Feeling sore at my lower pelvic and thought it was because of the journey we had day before.Told husband to bring me to the urut lady to relieve my sore.So we made an appointment at 4pm,she massaged me gently and told me,I am pretty sure that you will give birth by tonight hahaha..and i said,oh yes..please!

After the massage,we went to my sister’s house and have some food testing for her upcoming stall opening. I had sambal sotong extra spicy,ikan goreng basung with sambal cili padi and again durian crepe. After eating all that,I started to feel Braxton hicks.At 6pm told my husband we better make a move because I started to feel uncomfortable with the Braxton hicks.On the way home,I started counting my contraction,the Braxton hicks converted to contraction as it gets more and more regular. I was 7-1-1 on our way home.

At home,the contraction still goes on,and I said,yes this is it.. I took my shower,wash my hair,put my son to sleep,and get on my birth ball…and yes,I’m applying the surge breathing all the way. At 1130am, I am 4-1-1,the surge is still bearable but since it’s 4-1-1,I told my husband,okay this is it.Let’s go to the clinic. At that point my husband panic and I said,calm down,no need to rush hahaha..On the way to clinic I was 3-1-1 and still told my husband to drive slowly hahaha.

12am midnight,arrived clinic and they put on the heartbeat strap,perform VE and I was 6cm dilated.Wow! After the VE my mucus plug release and while the nurse preparing for my room, my water broke. From then on,my surge was unbearable.My surge breathing was haywire and the urge to push is stronger every time the surge come,thanked God my husband is there all the time up until our princess is born, again this time, he become my midwife just like my 1st delivery. One hour later,I was 8cm dilated and they pushed me to the labour room. At 2.27am,I gave birth to my princess. It was a drug free and Episiotomy free delivery. Dr was so good he followed everything written in my birth plan. Delay of cord cutting and I got to be with my baby for more than half hour in the Labour room.

I must say, HypnoBirthing class which my husband and I attended 2 years ago with Nadine Ghows was very helpful. All the swaying,squatting,breathing techniques and the birth affirmation does effect on how we go through birth. It’s a whole new way of how a mother should face a calm and relax birthing..indeed,as I wish,hope and imagine,my birthing this time around is Fast and furious I must say ..check in at 12am,birthed at 227am pheww…

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