Zarith’s instinctive second birth of her baby girl

Since I gave birth to my 2nd baby last month, if anyone asks me “how was labor?”, my immediate answer is and shall be “it was AWESOME!”

Here’s how it went:

17/12/14: EDD. Went shopping at Ikea with my mom, son and MIL and walk walk walk. After Asar, started feeling a bit of surges. Inconsistent and irregular so went about daily chores as usual.

Close to Maghrib felt a strong surge and started looking at the clock to guesstimate the gap from one surge to another. Approx 20mins apart. Had early dinner with the family and excused myself to rest.. Thinking if labor is gonna happen tomorrow, might as well try and sleep early. All the while practicing my breathing.

By 9pm still 20mins but getting stronger. Texted my husband (who’s in his postgrad class at that time) but told him no need to rush. He was excited lol. Dimmed my bedroom lights and tried to sleep – failed, probably coz I felt like peeing and popping the entire time (which I did). At each surge I went on all fours/squatted as that’s the most comfortable position.

Husband home by 10pm. This time its 5-10mins apart so I decided to just stop tracking and go with the flow. Instinct tells me its gonna be in the next few hours. Solat isya’. Told hubs to take his dinner, shower and get our son ready for bed.

I then took a long hot shower myself. This time I KNEW its gonna be reaaallll soon coz I felt sudden urge to bear down.

1115pm left home, kissed my son endlessly! Reached Ampang Puteri hospital at 1130pm. Went to labor room, nurse did VE and was told I’m fully dilated. Attached to CTG for 20mins – super uncomf as I had to lay on my back and stay still. Had antibiotics for my GBS. Still applied my breathing the whole time. Once they took off the CTG I resumed to my all-fours position and stayed like that the whole time. Vocalized some humming sound at each surge and recited AllahuAkbar, with husband holding my hand and giving words of encouragement throughout. Reminding me to breathe, breathe and breathe.

18/12/2014: 0054, my baby girl was born with me on all-fours. THE MOST COMFORTABLE POSITION TO BIRTH – felt minimal pain, no episiotomy and no tear. Easy to apply the J-breathing too. Dr Ariza (my obgyn is Dr Fauziah but she was overseas that week) was excellent as she didn’t force me to push at all. In fact she reminded me to breathe the baby down only when I feel like it. Contrary to my first birth, the doctor told me to push the entire time which made me so tired and resulted in a vacuum assisted delivery as baby was starting to lack oxygen.

Got delayed cord clamping until the cord stop pulsating and placenta delivered naturally assisted by immediate breastfeeding.

Alhamdullillah for such an “awesomazing” experience!

Knowledge, empowerment and active involvement of my husband this time around (which he developed from attending Nadine Ghows’ Amani class) really helped! Thanks, Nadine

Hi, I'm Nadine

A self-confessed birth junkie, I love all things birth and breastfeeding… I’m so lucky to be able to work with expectant families and share this very special time in their lives with them :) I am also a Life Coach helping mothers overcome burnout and overwhelm.

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