Aisya’s gentle HypnoBirth of her third baby

It was on the 4th day of Hari Raya 2019 and I was still out of town celebrating, albeit knowing my labor is near! Honestly deep inside I was so worried what if I gave birth at kampung, not being able to reach KL on time, and stuck in the traffic? But my husband had never failed to reply with a calm answer, “don’t worry, you want it naturally kan? Just follow the flow”

On that Raya Day-4, first surge came early in the morning but I ignored it because it’s very mild plus we’re checking out our kampung anyway. I told my husband, I think today is the day coz the surge come and go and as usual he’s always calm “No la, not today kot. Due kan next week”. 

As we hit the road, I could feel the surge became stronger. At this stage, I remembered Nadine’s advice, “Don’t look at the clock, just keep yourself busy” And yes I basically enjoying chit chatting with my husband in the car while my other two girls were asleep at the back. When the surge came in between our conversation, I would just show a “shhhh” signal to my husband and focus on my surge breathing. It worked magically! Then I continued the conversation, “Ok the surge is gone. Where did we stop just now?” Haha. Totally ignoring the surge. At this point we planned to keep it calm by not telling anyone. I texted my sister (she’s my secret keeper) just to know my parents whereabouts, because if it’s really happening, I’ll need to drop the girls. Mom was in Malacca that day for Hari Raya. 
Halfway through the journey, I told my husband, look I think it is really today. I then texted mom to ask if we can drop the girls to join them there, while at the same time I tried to put my words carefully so she won’t get panic knowing I was about to give labour anytime. 

We arrived Malacca around 1pm and at this hour, I could sense the surge was getting stronger, but I still feel ok about it. I purposely went out of the car to drop the girls and meet my parents, in a way to show them “Look I’m fine, I can still walk”. There my mom with her worry face, “Are you sure you’re ok? Otherwise berhenti Hospital Seremban” I replied her with a smile “I’m ok, don’t worry, traffic pun ok ni” (Definitely not gonna go to Hospital Seremban! haha). 

We dropped the girls and headed to KL, I then texted my gynae to notify her. Alhamdulillah we arrived KL at 3pm and to tell you what, I have not even packed my hospital bag! To be honest, I kept this task to the very last so I could at least enjoy the surge while packing to kill the time. At that time, we were so exhausted, I decided to pray and take a nap first (still haven’t packed my bag). I had a good two hours of sleep despite the surges. My husband and I packed our clothes and stuffs slowly until we didn’t realise it’s almost Maghrib. I’ve had my birthing ball in the middle of the hall, it was a pit stop for me while packing. When the surge came, I’d sit on the birthing ball and moved my hips around and I swear it was really helpful!  It was almost Isyak and we decided to pray first and head to Mamak because I’d like to have puri and tosei first before labor. Mom texted “Dah pergi hospital ke?” I simply didn’t reply yet because I know she will be more worried. 

As soon as we arrived at the mamak, the surge came more often. Every 20-30 steps, I’d stop and do the surge breathing. Some people even staring but I continued to find a place, ordered and eat. I managed to fill up my tummy and only then we made a move to the hospital. 

At 11:30pm, we checked in ourselves to the emergency area. I could still walk and kept myself walking while waiting to be called. Later then a midwife came to check and surprisingly I was already 6cm dilated. It was kind of relief. They sent me to the labour room at around 12am and straightaway my husband (my HypnoBirthing partner) came into action, setting up the room with dim light, placed my birthing ball, and get the door closed. At this stage, the wave that came was still bearable, I even managed to take a hot shower for like half an hour. It felt so good!

At 1:30am, another check by midwife and I was already 9cm dilated! I was so happy I couldn’t wait to give birth. Few minutes later my water broke and a big wave started. I laid down and tried to recall the birth affirmation, picturing the hot air balloon. I somehow lost track in the middle of the surge, my husband kept on telling me “Balloon, remember? Picture the balloon, breath” . I could also remember Nadine used to say “Bila dah sakit sangat tu, tunggu sekejap, sekejap je” and yes she was right. I felt like pooping and my husband called the nurse. A midwife and gynae came and asked me “ok you nak ready with position macam mana?” I kneeled and hold on to the head of the bed. The breathing down baby was a bit here and there for me but Alhamdulillah it went fast, gave birth at 1.50am. For the first time, I get to have a skin to skin with my baby straightaway and even allowed to breastfeed him right after. 

Until today I still couldn’t believe that I managed to give birth naturally, no episiotomy, managed to control the pain with no epidural this time and I must say that giving birth is a beautiful natural process and it is not that frightening for a women to go through. It was totally different from my first birth – where my waterbag was broken by the doctor, and due to that I couldn’t control the pain and took epidural. For my second birth, the pushing stage was forced and I had an episiotomy, and I noticed the healing process was longer. For this birth, I tore naturally and alhamdulillah it took only one week to heal.
​I wish and pray we will have more Obgyn who practise Gentle Birth in the future and I hope with the experience I had, I could encourage other women too. To Nadine, We can’t thank you enough and only Him can repay for what you have taught and shared with us. 

Hi, I'm Nadine

A self-confessed birth junkie, I love all things birth and breastfeeding… I’m so lucky to be able to work with expectant families and share this very special time in their lives with them :) I am also a Life Coach helping mothers overcome burnout and overwhelm.

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