Diyana’s beautiful waterbirth of her first princess

First of all, Alhamdulillah, Thank you Allah, Allah granted us the PERFECT birth that we have always prayed for! Verily, He is the Most Merciful, Most Listener . I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to my 3 important people that contribute on this journey! Sharifah Asmaa’ and Natasha for introducing me Hypnobirthing and also to my Hypnobirthing Coach, Nadine Ghows, Jazakillahukhairan for your guidance throughout the journey from the classes to the day I met my sweet little princess, even up to today, thanks so much for your care and love! Without these 3 chaps, i would have not known what hypnobirth is, of course with Allah’s Mercy!

Ok, so this post is going to be specifically about MY BIRTH STORY.

Monday, 2nd June 2014

0800 :

My pregnancy turn 39 weeks, and I woke up with a water slow flow from my V, and I thot, tada!!!! its gonna be the day! The waterbag broke!!! hoooorayyyyy! I was really excited as I was praying really hard to birth before Week 40 to avoid induction! I have been praying hard and working hard to let the day come fast! One of it was going up and down the stairs of my 13th floor apartment with my swollen feet and cute bum! :p

So, I remembered Nadine told us, do not panic until u feel any sensation! so, I kept quiet, told hubby ONLY and got up, wore a pad! And continue sleeping, but i was overexcited, i did not get to sleep and got up to bath , had Maggie :p and breakfast. I even ask hubby to go to work as Im sure its not gonna be so soon and I started texting 3 of my close friends and sis! i switched on my lappy and started watching hypnobirth videos on youtube. at the same time, switched on my IQuran HD, and my Marie Morgan hypnobirth affirmations music! BAsically everything at the same time (panic?)


Felt the first sensation, mild first surge. Owh, I have never had period pain before, So i really have no clue and idea on what surges gonna be. So I calm down and relax. I was relaxing with Ayatul Quran and the Marie Morgan affirmations record.


My parents reached home with panic face. hmm, here i know what Nadine means, do not tell the whole world about whats happening to you during the Big Day! so i let them relax at dining, and i continue my homework. I started to pray Dhuha. I found that praying really helps especially during sujud and rukuk. I took longer time to sujud and rukuk as it soothes me. The surges becomes more intense, so I was spiraling while standing at my pray. owh, Spiraling really really really help!


Hubby reached home and surges was already every 5minutes apart. We got our bags in the car and drove from Shah Alam to Pantai Bangsar. Texted Azie, Dr Idora’s Nurse and she said go straight to the labor room. yay!


Reached Labor room, but the Midwife Elzy refered us to Dr Idora’s Clinic. Went down and up to the CLinic and stop here and there when the surges came. I was practising the breathing long deep in and out at every surges and visualise the opening of the rosebuds and try smiling everytime doing it! And thanks to Hubby for lending his hand for me tosqueeze a little bit :p


as expected Dr Idora’s Clinic with a long que. So went down to the Cafeteria and had our lunch with surges every 4 minutes and sometimes go longer. again i was BUSY with my breathing, smiling and the opening of the rosebuds visualization and my parents went home .


Got to see Dr Idora at 5pm and she did the first VE ( as agreed in the birth plan) and It was reallly unexpected kind of VE! a lot of people were telling how scary VE is, but Dr Idora did and i felt nothing!!! I was so happy and ask her, was it a VE???? she said Ya, why? i told her i thought it should be scary and painful and she laughed, and said, go ahead and listen to every other people in the world that scare you! hahah ok I was 4cm dilated. She refered me back to the Labor Room and told me I can jump into the pool now but she recommends to go into the pool when I am More Dilated.


Checked in the Labor Room, had a hot shower and i focus the hot water on my abdomen area and keep spiraling. The surge was GONE after the shower!!! I was like, OMG was it good or bad? I put my pad on as the water still flowing out, IT was actually leaking Waterbag not BURST, so i had time. I started to have irregular surges and was scared if its gonna be a posterior baby I keep doing the polar bear aka Sujud position as i remembered It will help the baby position better at birth. I was sitting on my birth ball (bring it from home) and since the surges was gone, i was setting up the labor room the way i want it to be. Brought my Ipad and switch on a few favourite Surah, ie, Ar-Rahman, Yaseen, Waqiah and etc. I also put on the M.Morgan CD on and had the affirmations going on non stop. and I also brought my pot pouri and candles. So, I lit up the tea light candle and put on my favourite Essential Oil and try to relax

Dr Idora came in and told me, its alright, should be the hot shower that helps the surges to go down, and she said do not jump into the pool yet as it will make it worst. so just get some rest and walk Midwife Suraya and Foong were really helpful and letting me rest at my own space. they knocked the door before they came in and ask for permission before anything that they had to do. guess what? i was sound asleep that night , Alhamdulillah Allah let me rest and gain energy that night , i was busy texting Nadine and Asmaa and they were very encouraging. Hubby was with me, Mom in law pop in for awhile waiting for the first Cucu. and the night went off beautifully, Alhamdulillah never missed solat as I was enjoying at long Sujud and Rukuk especially during surges. Hubby was really helpful and kept reminding me doing all the positions we learnt in class and he hugs and kiss to calm me. The surges were not totally gone, but it was not so intense.

3rd June 2014


Dr Idora came in and told me if still no improvement, she had to do induction on me she told me, ” I will need to put u on drips because its quite risky , its been 24hours of waterleak” I know that drips means Induce!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the checked my BP, IT was high 140/90 and 150/90. I told hubby, Nooooooooooooo i dowanna be induced, I prayed hard and I ask hubby for a morning walk to fasten and welcome the surges back! So we walked around the hospital and we even walk out from hospital a little bit and had fresh air outside the hilly area beside Pantai Bangsar! looking at greens, the beautiful condo and walking outside calms me better.

p/s : thanks to Hypnobirthing Class with Nadine as she clearly explained what to worry and what not to worry when the waterbag leaks. I managed to get my self to calm down remembering the notes! :p


Had my 2nd VE By Dr Idora and I was ALhamdulillah 6cm Dilated! I can jump into the pool anytime , but Dr IDora advised wait a little longer as we afraid the surges will be gone again and I had wait for more regular surges! ok . Nadine was telling me to walk a lot and talk to baby and relax. parents came in again today and they went home hihi. I was busy with my ruotine again, PRAY, BIRTHBALL, SPIRALING, AFFIRMATIONS,and did all the positions on the mat especially polar bear and squatting. Thanks to hubby for hugging and kissing to induce better :p


HAd CTG : surges slow down again 5-8mins apart. When I was walking, it will be every 5minutes, but when lying on bed for the CTG check it goes up to 8mins apart. So, still cant jump into the pool as the surges were not regular. Kept talking to the baby and pray hard.


Dr Idora came in and had a VE and was 7cm dilated but the baby’s head was still high. I was so motivated from then on , I asked hubby for a walk. We were walking around the hospital after dinner till around 12midnight. bought some snacks and kept walking. Surges become more intense.

4th June 2014


I requested to fill in the water in the pool as I can feel a quite intense surges, but my BP was high. Here, we had a miscommuncation with one of the midwife. i asked her to fill the pool with water, she said BP too high, but she did not want to call Dr IDora. So, I just waited and hypnotize myself in the labor room. was quite frustrated as i really wanna be in the pool to sooth the intense sensation surges. ——————————> lesson learnt, BE FIRM TO REQUEST TO CALL DOCTOR ANYTIME IN THE DAY OR NIGHT!!!!!


Felt like the baby head is already down and can birth anytime. As a first time mom, It felt like My anus gonna burst! LOL! so called the Nurse and I could not really remember what happened as I was just waiting for the Que to say YOU ARE READY TO BIRTH now!!!


Dr Idora came in and surprised that I was so READY to birth and she asked whether i want to birth on bed or in the pool. As I was into my own world, i just wanna get the baby out and kiss her! Luckily here, Hubby decided for me! He said ” the pool, the pool”!!! Im so glad as i could not think for myself anymore! So They pulled my bed to go next to the pool and I have to go down the pool from the bed. within half an hour to 45 minutes our beautiful Princess was birthed to the world! We could see her sweet eyes opened from the womb to the water and to the air! SUBHANALLAHHHH!!!! she stared at me and I hugged her tight!!!! Dr Idora said Assalamualaikum~!

Hubby cut the umblical cord and we had nearing 2hours of skin to skin session and our princess did the mapping to find food on my chest, and then Ngaaaaaaaaap! She latched on me beautifully!

Im so thankful to Allah for letting this happen! to listen to my prayers and to ease my Birth journey!

I have gone from a scared-to-death-of-birth person to a BIRTH LOVER! haha what a statement!

All the best to those gonna go thru birth for the first time or even for the zillion times! Im really happy to recommend Hypnobirth as it helps us to welcome our baby in a CALMER way! and I do also recommend Dr Idora! She is fantastic! And I highly recommend Pantai BAngsar too as the have lactation consultant everywhere the mom goes!

Again, thanks to Asma Aljuned, Natasha and Nadine Ghows! and of coz to my very supportive husband, Nurul Amri for being there always! to my parentsssss no words could describe ! friends and relatives, u know who you are!

p/s: if you read the whole article, some will be highlighting that It took me 3days to get to see my little sweet princess! Just a highlight for you, It was a beautiful 3 days. I guess its pretty normal for a first time mom to take a little longer time to birth since the birth show. And again, I was not induced, so my body works at its own pace to get ready to birth. it was just perfect Alhamdulillah

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