Lilian’s calm waterbirth

Since 2nd week of july I had been feeling “not so right” and I was quite panic as I didn’t know how was natural pain feel like. So I kept texting Nadine… I kept asking around too how it feel to have a natural pain. As some of you know this is not my 1st birth but my 3rd time being in labour room. My first 2 birth was being induced and it was so terrible bloody pain. So I was scare to be induced again.

As time flies I was scared and didn’t know what to do. My spouse (king’s father) came to visit me in kl(he was in kuching) for 1week this drama king didn’t wanna come out so I just wait and asked hubby to return to work at the same time I was scare to be in labour room alone too cz I didn’t know wad will happen then I remembered that Nadine ask me to stay calm and keep practicing breathing and listen to my music. * ok let me tell you once you are panic you have no idea whats going on that’s why you need your beloved hubby to be with you*

As my hubby return to kuching for work the “show” starts on 16th late morning I woke up with a bit pain but I thought it was false alarm so I didn’t bother much. As I gosok gigi I felt something dropped down this time I didn’t bother much too until I finish everything and changed I see brown discharge and a big lump of discharge on the floor. I whatsapp my gynea Dr Paul Ng and asked whats that. He reply and asked me to go in for a check in case something bad will happen. I told him I will go in after my lunch he said okay. I quickly go for a “express” mani n padicure and makan at the same time and balik mandi(warm water) and goes to saloon to wash my hair. By 2.45pm I went in to checked. The midwife rush the dr over and checked on me. When I was there in the “check room” I texted my hubby telling him this might be the day. At almost 4pm ive been transferred to the labour room. Ive been asked to changed and get ready and I also asked if I can walk arounf the hospital they said ok no problem. I knew that this was the day and I didn’t return back to home as my house was far away from hospital I took the chance to walk all the way to the maternity floor and walked to the “check up room” then to the birthing ward. At almost 5pm my birth companion came and she even bring food for me… by 5.30pm another group came and fed me with starbucks and cakes and pancakes too… I was so full and tired.

By the time the clock hit 9pm my gynea came to checked on me as he mention after his operation. This time I was in starbucks eating and having my coffee. Then asked to check me and I was already 7cm. I feel nothing at all as I kept practicing breathing. This time the dr asked me not to go anywhere but enter the birthing pool. I took this time to change and poo and pee and do what ever I wanted to do la before I go in the pool. After the dr break the membrane I start to have “feeling” I knew that the pain is coming but I still feel nothing. By 11pm I was so tired and I gave up and told dr “just potong me” but this time the dr said “too late I see baby’s head” he even assure me that another 3surge I will have my baby. This time I was already half dead. Dr Paul asked if he can pray for me and I said yes. We all hold hands and prayed and then I feel the head is coming so I continue to breath and breath and breath I breath. By 11.50pm I told myself this is one last one hang in there… I was yelling and shouting for tiredness. I told the dr I wanna sleep…I am tired… I talk rubbish(at this time I was really blur so I ajak2 things that happened couldn’t remember much)…. Dr paul hold my hand and tadahhh baby out at 12.08am.

I was really blessed that I met a good gynea this time round and the midwife that pantai has not to mention my wonderful birth companion. I had my birth wish came true and I was happy that none of them offer me gas or epi or any pain killer. They even respect me by asking me every single thing they wanna do on me or the baby. The dr even gave me a personal time to have skin2skin. He always ask if im feeling ok or dizzy as during the labour(while inside the pool) I was feeling dizzy.

I would like to thank :

Dr Paul who is so patient with me all these while, the midwife that Pantai Hospital have, my wonderful birth companion Avis Tan, nurse who helped me so much, pead who respect on what to be done or not done to the baby and kept reminding me to bf my baby, my spouse that always stands beside me(although he wouldn’t be there for my king’s birth) not forgetting Nadine who gives me so much support thoughout my pregnancy till my king’s big day. Thank you so much all of you.

My baby boy was delivered at 12.08am via water birth@Pantai Hospital. His birth weight was 2.90kg and I hasn’t had any form of pain killer. This time I can say I delivered my boy 100% natural and I was thinking to have more babies in future if giving birth was so easy. Therefore I wish all of you who are gonna deliver soon smooth deliver and stay calm and continue practicing breathing. Have fun everyone:D

Hi, I'm Nadine

A self-confessed birth junkie, I love all things birth and breastfeeding… I’m so lucky to be able to work with expectant families and share this very special time in their lives with them :) I am also a Life Coach helping mothers overcome burnout and overwhelm.

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