Jocelyn’s simple HypnoBirth of her first baby

It was Malaysia Day 2016 and we had a homemade breakfast at home. As I enjoyed my breakfast I started having surge at 9.30am. At first I thought it was a Braxton hick, as I been having it for the past 1 week. But after an hour later, I’m having another surge again. I have a feeling that baby is coming soon. Then I found out that I bleed (birth show) when I went for shower.

At 11.30am, I started to contact my husband who is away in Singapore and my sister who are on standby to send me to hospital if needed. I reminded myself to be calm as what I had learned in Hypnobirthing class where we don’t have to rush to the hospital immediately. I’m repeating myself “Be calm…be calm”… (Feeling very excited the day is finally here) and then have a last check on my stuff to the hospital.

At 1pm, my sis reached my place with my bro-in-law and we prepare all the stuff I have packed to the hospital. The surges are still 1 hour apart, so we decide to have lunch first. Bro-in-law bought chicken rice and we have it at home. The surges are now half and hour apart. As the hospital is quite a distance which takes around 45 mins from my place, I started to think whether to leave to hospital. I get a bit restless at the moment. It’s my first birthing experience, I really don’t know what to expect and I don’t want end up birthing at home or inside the car where I read some other’s stories. Haha. So, to be safe, we left home around 3pm.

At 4pm, we went straight to ER when we arrived at hospital. They got me a wheelchair where I refused, I told them I can walk, but they rejected and said it’s a must to push me up to the labor room. Then in the labor room, they got me strap up with the fetal monitoring as they said it’s their SOP. Feeling very sick and cold with machine beeping and being strapped on the labor room bed.  The nurse also perform VE on me and I was only dilated by 2 cm. (OMG, only 2cm!!)The nurse call Dr Paul and he ask me to go home instead and come again at night when the surges are more intense, so we went home after that.
At 5.30pm, my husband arrived shortly after we got home. I felt more relieved when I see my husband. The surges are now 15 mins apart, I contacted Nadine to get her advice. She asks me to eat, rest, sleep as much as possible and only admit hospital when the surges gets more intense.

At 7pm, we planned our dinner, I took another shower. The surges became more intense now that I hardly have appetite to eat. My husband got me noodle soup, so I try to eat to ensure I have enough energy at the labor room.
At 8.30pm, the surges continue to get more intense and we think it’s time to the hospital. Here we go….At 9.15pm, arriving hospital ER, I was pushed by a wheel chair. Again, they do the fetal monitoring strapping and VE. I told the nurse I do not want laying on the bed and be strapped at this stage and she remove it after that. I was dilated by 4cm. Husband started to setup the room (dimmed the room, on the aroma diffuser, prepare the gym ball), discuss the birth plan with the nurse and play the rainbow relaxation music for me.
At 10pm, the surges are now 10mins apart, reminding myself on the calm & surge breathing technique.  I breathe through every surge. I called my sister to let her know I’m doing alright. As the surge here, I have to hang up the phone because the surge is getting stronger and longer now, and I have to focus on the breathing.

At 11pm, I started to bleed quite a bit, the nurse ask to do another VE. I rejected because I think it wasn’t necessary. The surges are so strong and unbearable. Hugging the husband every time the surges here does helps.  (PS: Sorry hubby that I didn’t realize I squeeze so hard I hurt your fingers.) I kept telling myself not to give up, every surge means baby is coming near to me. The urge of going toilet became more frequent, and sitting on the toilet bowl is one of the soothing positions. Husband was there to support me and get me to drink to ensure I’m hydrated all-time. Then, my husband have to leave me and settle the hospital deposit which I was quite reluctant to stay alone at first. Then later on, the nurse offer to stay with me and massage my lower back which feel better when the surge is here.

At 12.30am, the surges now are so strong that I keep having the urge to push. I hardly control the breathing, suddenly we heard ‘POP’, and there goes my water breaks. Again, the nurse asks to do a VE as she is worried about the umbilical cord position. I tried to delay the VE check till the surges are so intense I almost gave up. I was dilated 8cm by then and they call Dr Paul. Husband continues to tell me visualize the flower blossom and focus on breathing so I don’t push too hard.

At 1.30am, I can hardly control the urge of pushing though the husband keep remind to relax and breathe. The nurse and midwife is there and asking not to push. Finally Dr Paul is here. I felt the ring of fire when the baby is crowning. Dr Paul asks me to use the breathing and push the baby out.

After a few surges & pushing, the baby is finally out. Immediately, Dr Paul passed the baby to me for skin-to-skin bonding. Somehow, the placenta was also out within the minutes. Then, Dr Paul ask Husband to cut off the umbilical cord after stopped pulsating (Like opening ceremony. Haha) and he continue to do the stitching. They leave us family alone in the room to enjoy the moment and baby breastfeed for the first time. About 2 hrs later, the nurse came to clean and weight the baby inside the room. Baby was born 2am weighing 3kg.

I never thought birthing could be done without any pain relief as we always heard horror stories about birthing and how painful it can be. After attending Hypnobirthing class, I actually understand our bodies are so capable and amazing. Learning and applying breathing & visualization techniques helped to calm us and made birthing so much in-control. The class also taught the husband to do their part in the labor room as well.  Thanks Nadine for your HypnoBirthing class! I’m grateful to have Dr Paul who are supportive for my birth plan. Last but not least, I’m thankful to have a loving husband who be with me throughout the journey.

Hi, I'm Nadine

A self-confessed birth junkie, I love all things birth and breastfeeding… I’m so lucky to be able to work with expectant families and share this very special time in their lives with them :) I am also a Life Coach helping mothers overcome burnout and overwhelm.

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