Maxveen’s beautifully fast birth of her second baby

I initially went to the same doctor for my first birth, (Dato Dr Ashar, Ampang Putri) with the intention to use the Roma birth wheel again. But doctor was on holiday the whole of June (due in June).. and I only found out end of May.
Panic attack! 37 weeks, nearly due, need a gentle birth doctor!.Called up Dr Tan Ee Ping’s clinic but Dr Tan limit patients and only takes complicated cases. Panicked even more. Thought of Dr Paul at Pantai kl but peak traffic hour to bangsar will take 2hours. Dr Tan Ee Ping suggested Dr Haw from Columbia Asia CheRas (peak hour traffic only takes me half hour to get there). Never heard of him before. Quickly open up gbg white list of gentle birth doctors to see my option, n first name in the list was Dr Haw. Messaged Nadine for opinion and Nadine assured me he is a fabulous gentle birth/Hypnobirthing doctor. Made appointment with him next day itself and gave him birth plan. Very soft spoken, very explanative, and accepted my birth plan (no drugs, no drips, minimal ve, intermittent fetal monitoring, allow to be mobile during labour, allow food n drinks, no lytothomy position, only upright positions such as squatting or all four. Dr even suggested I can do standing if I want hehe.. I was very pleased.

(Labour confusion)
38 weeks plus, got up in the morning felt mild surge… long irregular intervals with surges. Don’t know what to expect. Never experienced this before (1st birth, water broke first).. So I tried warm shower, change position, walk around, do normal house stuff, surges are still there. So I ruled out prodromal labour, messaged Nadine as surges are more regular now (near lunch time) each surge 30seconds long, average 4minutes interval.. Nadine assured me still got time but advised me to go hospital if they become more intense. Told hubby, I might give birth tomorrow, be prepared. By 3-4pm, surges were more intense than before, but I still could do normal stuff, play with son, watch tv, laughing joking… so did not think I was in labour la… Haha… I also took the opportunity to practise surge breathing technique and visualization (maybe that’s why tak sakit at all and didn’t know it was time haha). The surges were getting longer and more frequent yet I felt nothing each time I did surge breathing.. =)

5pm told hubby I’m going to lie down and time the surge again, as I felt they were getting closer and more intense… Baru sempat make myself comfy on the bed, felt a “thup” and water leaked. Panicked. Called hubby and said let’s go hospital now! Sat on toilet with water leaking, and the surge is double strong now, so strong I know I’m in labour!

Hubby prepared son, and minor last minute packing. About 5.15-5.20pm left the house. Could barely walk…in tears! Jam hour …luckily hospital is so near. Reached hospital in half an hour, but during car ride, another “thup” when the water broke fully. Like waterfall, haha. Surge tripled in intensity and immediately felt pressure on the rectum. I was nauseous and could not sit because of pressure down there. Baby is down! I can feel. Hubby reminded me to do calm breathing and surge breathing technique (from HypnoBirthing) to calm down. It helped. The breathing helped me relaxed and took the feeling of nausea away.

(Hospital-doctor tak sempat Sampai)
Reached hospital, emergency dept – rushed up in the wheel chair to labour room. Nurse asked which dr, I said Dr Haw, nurse said ok we will call now. Nurse asked me to lie down for ve,.. put hands in and said “eh the head is here already”!! She called an old senior nurse and prepared for birth… 4 nurses including 1 old senior nurse..(no time to change clothes also haha). Senior nurse force me to lie down .. I fought back, no way! And shouted, Dr Haw said no need lie down! I refused, the young nurses were supportive, the old nurse wasn’t happy! They raised my bed up, semi recline, not the best but better than fully lying down. With each surge the old nurse said push! Young nurse reminded me to breathe. Hubby reminded me to breathe baby out (HypnoBirthing), and not to shut my mouth or my breath (harsh push) like what I did previously. Although my body was clenched and tight, I was still doing the birth breathing as baby descended with each surge. I kept my jaw muscles relaxed and I kept my breath going =). 4 to 5 surges and the baby just slid out in one go. Unlike previously, No fetal distress and no tear. Breathing is important. Thank you HypnoBirthing!

Arrived hospital 6plus pm, baby out 6.40pm.. any delay in car or traffic, would have given birth in the car!

Doctor arrived half an hour later all sweaty as he rushed. Baby in my hands already. Such a humble guy, First thing he apologized for not being there and I couldn’t do the position I want with the nurses. (not his fault anyway, I reached and straight gave birth, plus peak hour traffic).

My fast and spontaneous birth story.. me and hubby could believe how fast it went but we were very glad. Little boy born healthy and strong =).. birthing with the right breathing techniques definitely made the experience smoother than before.

HypnoBirthing has helped me feel that my body is capable of birth without intervention. Having applied the right breathing techniques and visualization, helped in relaxing my muscles during the surges- resulting in a painless first stage of labour. With HypnoBirhting, my birth was smoother as compared to my first. The baby descended so quick and easily that until today I still can’t believe how fast my delivery was.

Hi, I'm Nadine

A self-confessed birth junkie, I love all things birth and breastfeeding… I’m so lucky to be able to work with expectant families and share this very special time in their lives with them :) I am also a Life Coach helping mothers overcome burnout and overwhelm.

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