Sofi’s triumphant gentle birth

My pregnancy was an emotional rollercoaster from day one. My husband did not seem to care; therefore I felt no connection with my baby. Husband was not around and I was in tears almost every day. I thought getting pregnant was a huge mistake. I wanted to be happy, but I felt no joy.

Somehow, by month 7 I decided it was time to pick myself up. I felt so sad for my baby having gone through mummy being depressed, I decided I wanted to give her the best possible birth. I contacted Doula Karin and was just in time to take Nadine’s Hypnobirthing class. My husband was MIA so my very supportive sister in-law took the class with me, until the last two when he decided he wanted to be involved. I also went to a hypnotherapist to work through all the emotional baggage I was carrying. I was preparing myself fully for the calmest birth.

Just before I turned 38 weeks we were moving to a new house. I was lifting things I shouldn’t be and running around organizing things. My surges probably started about 2 days later. I just thought it was back ache because the surges I had with my son were completely different. I was expecting the same feeling.

The next day I went to my Gyni appointment and was told I was 3cm dilated. My doctor asked me if I wanted to be induced as she knew I really wanted her to deliver the baby and she was off for Raya holiday a couple of days later. She said it wasn’t necessary because baby was doing well so I said no. As I hadn’t packed my hospital bag I was advised to do it because baby could come anytime.

I went home and started preparing my baby’s little room because I still had many things in boxes and I felt there wasn’t much time. My mum and I were working through the night trying to get things done. I felt back aches while I was cleaning. I never took into account they were surges. I just ignored them.

It wasn’t til midnight that I realized they were surges because they came more often. My mum said it was time to have a shower, but I just ended up doing my own thing. My husband was driving back and forth from the old house bringing things over, because we felt there was little time before she came. I was very comfortable at home. I didn’t feel any pain. By 4am I decided to pack my bag for the hospital. For some strange reason I was really hungry I couldn’t stop eating. By 6am I told my husband we should leave, but by then I was too comfortable bouncing and rolling around on my gym ball. It was at 7:30am when my mum shoved me out the door saying it was time to go and said she would call Karin.

I was doing the hypno breathing in the car. I was very calm and relaxed except for the fact my husband was driving like a maniac trying to get us to the hospital before morning traffic. We got to the hospital by 8am. Went straight to the labor ward and the first thing the nurse said to me was ‘are you in pain.’ She had such a sour looking face too. The labor ward was full so I was put in a room with someone else.

I was comfortably rolling around on the gym ball when the nurse came in and said she had to strap me down to the bed for 20 minutes to monitor the baby. I said it wasn’t in my birth plan and my husband tried to tell her too, but she just wouldn’t listen. So I ended up getting strapped to the bed on my back for 20 minutes. At the same time she sent my husband downstairs to sort out my room. I was so uncomfortable and while I was waiting for the nurse to come back to unstrapped me I heard the doctor tell the lady next to me ‘Don’t worry. It’s your first pregnancy; it’ll probably be about 10 hours.’ I was so shocked and felt so bad for this woman.

The nurse finally came back and did a vaginal exam. 7 cm, ok. I immediately went on all fours and did my breathing. Next thing I knew I felt the need to push and my water broke. The nurse panicked and yelled and some other nurse to go get my doctor. At the same time they brought in a wheelchair and said ‘I know you’re in pain but we need to move u to the private room’. Got to the room and went on all fours again on the bed. Soon after Karin arrived and to guided me through the breathing. My husband arrived just as I was about to push. By 8:45am, my beautiful baby girl was handed to me.

No drugs, no tearing I had immediate bonding with my baby girl. The cord was left until it stopped pulsating. It was beautiful watching her wiggle her way to my breast for her first feeding. The nurses kept coming in to want to weigh the baby. We had to ask them to leave. It was so annoying. At least the pediatrician came to my room to check on Misha so she didn’t have leave my side or go to the nursery. I wouldn’t even let them bathe her.

I had such a wonderful experience this time round. I was amazed how easy and peaceful it was until I got to the hospital of course. God willing if I’m permitted to have another baby would opt for homebirth.

Hi, I'm Nadine

A self-confessed birth junkie, I love all things birth and breastfeeding… I’m so lucky to be able to work with expectant families and share this very special time in their lives with them :) I am also a Life Coach helping mothers overcome burnout and overwhelm.

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